Friday, March 23, 2012

I Must Have That Right NOW!

Jodie here. Hope everyone is loving their Friday! I know I am. Despite having a four-day week this week, it has been exceptionally long. By Tuesday's lunch, I'd have promised you I'd already lived through seven work days. Yesterday, I needed Mountain Dew to get me through. Sadly, there was none to be found on our campus. Let's just say the Coca-Cola didn't cut it.

Speaking of needing things... There's a thing that happened to me every time my husband deployed. It's not biblical and it's perhaps a little bit wrong, but it's a fact of deployed-family-member life.

For lack of a better word, we develop little "addictions." The first time, it was clothes for our baby daughter. Friends, we lived at Target. And that little girl was the best-dressed thing you ever saw. Crazy, isn't it?

The second time, it was iced mochas from Starbucks. I drank the things like water. It became apparent that I "needed" them when I decided to give them up while doing Beth Moore's "Daniel" Bible Study. Three days in, our company lost its first soldier. I can well remember gripping the steering wheel with both hands, so hard my knuckles were white, driving past Starbucks and thinking it would all be okay if I could just have some caffeinated, chocolatey comfort. (Thank goodness I'm not a drinker, right?)

Time number three, sweet tea. I discovered "Happy Hour" at Steak and Shake. Large Tea. 32 ounces. Fifty cents. Life was beautiful. Until my pants didn't fit anymore.

What's up with that? One day, I figured it out. I was trying to do was replace my husband with caffeine and sugar. Know what? It wasn't quite the same. And it was downright unhealthy. What I needed was a habit, not an addiction. A walk with the dog in the mornings. A good workout at the gym. An occasional dose of that tea.

Why tell you what I did wrong? Because I think we all do it. And I think it's good to know we're normal, even though we have some things we need to break. And I think we need to know it's possible to make it through the day and the night.... even without a sugar rush.


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