Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Music that Moves You--Part 2

Jodie here. We're talking about the songs that speak to us this week, and today it's all about deployment. Care to drop into the comments and share?

Below is the song my husband I thought of as "our" deployment song, but the truth is, it's a universal sentiment, at least in my Army community. I was in a seminar once with about three hundred spouses of deployed soldiers. It was one of those "fun days" that occasionally come along, a day when we were learning about the upside of deployment and sort of laughing and joking together. (And yes, there is an upside to deployment, believe it or not.) During the lunch break, they piped in music over the loudspeakers while we were chatting. I'm not sure how the playlist got put together or if it was a totally random satellite radio station, but you could have heard a bread crumb hit a plate when this particular song came on. Every wife stopped talking. Just about every eye teared up. There's a reason I refer to this as "the deployment song." And even though he's home now, it still gets me every time because, believe me, I remember the feeling.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Music that Moves You--Part 1

Jodie here. Over on my blog, Mondays tend to focus on music. I love my tunes. When I write, my books all have a soundtrack of their own. If I can't find the soundtrack, I struggle to find the story. It has something to do with knowing my characters. Somehow, knowing what they'd skip to on the iPod on the drive home from work solidifies how well I know them.

This week, I thought it would be fun to talk about the songs that get us through deployments. Whether you're a spouse or a parent, a good friend or a girl-/boy-friend, it's a good bet a song out there has made you teary. This week, let's share, shall we? Today's song will be that patriotic/military one that gets you every time. Thursday will be that personal one that's all about you and your Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman/Coastie. How's that sound? Want to drop into the comments and share?

My big soldier song is probably pretty generic, but having lived the life for over 15 years, I know how true it is. Whether my husband is here, deployed, or TDY somewhere, this one grabs me in the gut and reminds me of who he is and what he does. Sometimes, as the family members of servicemembers, we forget that our lives are pretty extraordinary. Only about 1% of the population currently serves this way. That's pretty amazing and it should make you stand a little taller as far as I'm concerned.